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Featuring: Blair Angeles
In her return to, 67-year-old Blair Angeles puts on a show just for you. She gets naked then rubs her pussy to a sensual cum. Blair obviously enjoys herself. You will, too. Blair was born in Los Angeles and lives in Philadelphia. She's a divorcee, a mother of two and a grandmother of two. Now let's find out more about her. Blair, you look great. Blair: Thank you. I try to take care of myself. I have good genes, too. What are your hobbies? Blair: That's an amazing thing to ask me because there are so many things I do well in the arts. I write amazing poetry. I'm working on a book right now, and I also play piano and sing jazz as well as play tennis, backgammon, chess, canasta. I love sports, so I'm easy to be a gal pal. I love to watch sports on TV, especially ice hockey and football. You're like a renaissance woman. Blair: I am. My mother is Italian aristocracy. My father is from Italy, and they're farmers, so I have the best of both worlds: culture and a knowledge of political things plus a feel for the earth. It's very important to have both things in your life. Have you had any kinky encounters in any of the countries you've traveled to? Blair: In those countries, no, because most of the time I was married, but in my city where I live, yes, I was out to dinner with an amazing young man. He was younger than I was. And I asked to be excused to go to the ladies room, and unbeknownst to me, he followed me to the ladies room, and he was waiting outside the door, and he burst in the door and we had sex on the floor. That was bizarre! It was a really nice restaurant, too. Are you into younger men? Blair: I like men of any age. I've been fortunate to have a smorgasbord of men. Would you be surprised to hear that the older you are, the more we like you? Blair: That is surprising to me because in our culture, there's such a tendency in advertising to show the younger, thinner girls with their hair flowing and being perfect, and life just isn't like that. I think most men are put off by that because it's too perfect, and they don't want someone who's too perfect because they can't identify with their human nature. And beauty comes from within. If you're beautiful on the inside, it comes out.
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Featuring: Lisa Marie Heart
Hot-bodied 60-year-old Lisa Marie Heart is back. She's wearing a corset that shows off her big, beautiful tits, panties, stockings, a garter belt and fuck-me pumps. Sure, Lisa Marie is a divorcee, but she's also a mother and a grandmother, and it's rare that you see a grandma who looks as good as she does. Of course, when you do see one, she's at After her tits come out and her panties come off, Lisa Marie takes out an unusual toy and fucks herself with it. "I was a topless dancer for many years," Lisa Marie said. "I really like dancing and teasing men." 60PLUSMILFS: So how did you transition from dancing to escorting? Lisa Marie: This is a funny story. One day, I came into work at the club where I was dancing, and this girl said, "Are you Lisa Marie?" And I said, "Yeah," and she said, "You fucked my client," and I said, "Oh my god, I didn't know he was your client," and she said, "I wouldn't have minded, but you did it for free." And I said, "Yeah, he was really fun. We fucked for hours," and she said, "He pays me to fuck him, and now he's not going to do it anymore because you're so much fun." And that's when I realized I could have more fun with the guys outside the club, so when a guy would turn me on, I would ask him if he wanted to see me outside the club. No agencies. Just me. 60PLUSMILFS: What do you like best about being an escort? Lisa Marie: I really like turning men on. It really turns me on to know that I can give a man so much pleasure. 60PLUSMILFS: Do you go to them or do they come to you? Lisa Marie: If they want me to come to their house, I will, but I try to talk them out of it because my house is set up for sex. I have this gorgeous, big bed with disco lights everywhere. I have places where we can tie each other up. I have mirrors. They can watch me giving them a blow job. I always start a session with a lap dance to slowly find out what they like, what turns them on. I tell them to keep their eyes open while I'm giving them a blow job. They always say it's like a porn star experience. And that's why I decided to try porn. They all said, "You should do porn. You're so good at it." A girlfriend recommended me to The SCORE Group and sent in my pictures for me, and you took me right away. I was shocked. 60PLUSMILFS: What gets you off? LIsa Marie: I like it really soft, and I really like them to hum on my pussy. I love dirty talk.
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Featuring: Sierra Fontaine
Scotty needs to have his taxes done, so he goes to Sierra Fontaine's office. She's the sexiest tax accountant he's ever seen. This 63-year-old hottie is wearing a sheer top tied just below her tits. Her belly button is exposed. She has long strawberry-blond hair, and she's wearing a very short skirt, so short that we can see the tops of her stockings. And she has very long legs. Scotty notices her. Sierra notices him. She likes what she sees. "Wow, he's so hot and sexy," Sierra thinks. "I wish all my clients looked like him. And he's so young. I wonder if he has a big cock?" They start working. Turns out Scotty is trying to claim some unusual tax deductions. "I seem to see a lot of lingerie purchases," Sierra says. Meanwhile, she's thinking, "Does he want me? I wonder if he's ever had sex with a much-older woman." Scotty explains that he buys lingerie for the girls he goes out with. Sierra says, "I like lingerie myself. I'm just not sure if those can be considered tax deductions." But she still can't concentrate. She's eying Scotty up and down and saying to herself, "I'm getting so wet. I can't fuck one of my clients, can I?" Well, actually, she can. To the best of our knowledge, there's nothing in the Tax Accountant's Code that says, "You can't fuck your clients." So Sierra excuses herself...and when she comes back...yowzer! She's changed into a skimpy bra and panties and a sheer robe. Looks like tax time is about to get a lot more interesting. Sierra sucks Scotty's big, black cock and takes it deep in her granny pussy. And--get ready now!--she gets fucked in her tight ass. Tax time is fun time. Betcha nobody ever said that before! And by the way, Sierra really is an accountant.
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