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Today, you get a peeper's-eye view as Jewel, 67 years old and one of the greatest grannies ever, gets wet. "I like taking a long, hot shower," this golden girl says, "especially when I know I'm being watched." She invites you to get comfortable, and you know what that means. "Get your cock out!" Jewel says. You already have, right? After shower time, Jewel dries off, but one part of her body is still wet: her pussy. She gets into bed, spreads her legs and fingers her pussy until she cums. All the while, she keeps up a steady stream of fuck talk, and you know it's extra special when a Southern belle talks dirty. "I've been called a slut," Jewel said, "and I got upset because I thought the guy was demeaning me, but the gentleman explained, 'No, that's not it at all. You are the most classy slut.' They love the connotation of slut, but they wouldn't want a slut unless it's their personal slut." Here, Jewel is your personal slut for you to enjoy.
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Featuring: Seka Black
Seka Black, a 64-year-old wife with kids and grandkids, looks smokin' hot in her little yellow bikini when this scene opens. How many 64-year-olds look so good in a revealing swimsuit? Not many, but we manage to show most of them at "I'm so horny and I know you are, too," she says. She gets her tits out. They're big and round, definitely fuckable. Then she reaches under her panties and strokes her pussy. "You need to get comfortable so we can have a great time," she says. You know what she means by "get comfortable," don't you? For Seka, it means taking off her bikini, spreading her pink cunt and telling us how she likes "my lips to wrap around your hard cock. I would love that! I would cum so hard! I hope you're stroking your cock right now, making it nice and hard for my pussy." Seka takes out the big, brown toy that she has hidden behind a throw pillow (we've already seen how much she loves dark cock) and sucks and fucks it. But that toy isn't enough for this horny granny. "I have something special," she says. "An unusual toy. This one is a stimulator." That stimulator (which she says she uses to keep her cunt tight even though it's been banged by hundreds of big cocks) stimulates her tight pussy while she brings herself to an orgasm. "Empty your balls out," she says, pussy stuffed with fake cock. Don't disappoint the lady.
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Renee Kane, 60, is cleaning up around the house and can't believe the mess her daughter has made. Then she hears a phone vibrating, but it's not her phone. It's her daughter's phone, so she picks it up and looks at the screen. "Lisa! What is this? Oh my god, who is that? Somebody has sent you a dick pic!" Renee isn't mad. She's impressed. The dude has a really big, black cock and Renee wants some of that. So instead of texting back, "Stop sending dick pics to my daughter, perv," she texts back, "Come on over!" Of course, she doesn't tell the dude that it's her daughter's mom who replied and he's shocked when this sexy, mature woman answers the door. "Lisa's not home right now," Renee says, "but I am. I saw a picture of you. Would you like to come in and wait for her?" He comes in, but they're not going to do any waiting. Renee wants to see that dick in-person and fast, so she takes it out and sucks that 24-year-old cock and then she fucks it. WARNING: If you send a dick pic to a woman, there's no guarantee that what happens in this scene will happen to you. Chances are, she'll show it to her friends and they'll make fun of you and word will get around that you've been texting dick pics. But if you're lucky, really lucky, this might happen. Good luck.
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