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Featuring: Silva Foxx
Silva Foxx, a 62-year-old divorcee, told us how she ended up in our studio, dressing up in sexy outfits like this one, nipples popping out, dildos going in. "My significant other and I love porn, and one of my favorite videos was called Stripped, and that was with Ginger Lynn, and in this video, Ginger was older. She was probably in her 40s. She did the most-sensual dance with a top hat and a cane, and I used to try to imitate it. I'd walk around the house in an outfit like that, and I'd think, 'Why can't that be me?'" Then she met 60Plus MILF Leah L'Amour in a strip club. "And we just hit it off, and afterward we started texting, then we went out to lunch one day and she told me about her modeling and said, 'You would be perfect.' And I said, 'Wow! That's something I've always wanted to do.'" And here she is, doing it. She's fucked hung, young studs, and today, she's showing us what she does when there's no real cock in the building. Or when she just wants to have some alone time. Silva is divorced. She's into BDSM. She's a dom. Mistress Silva is her name. She rides horses. She's a bundle of personality and energy. Really, this is a woman who was meant for our studio. We asked Silva what she wants to do that she hasn't done yet, and she said, "I'm here, aren't I?" Check!
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Featuring: Sally D'Angelo
Sally D'Angelo, a 63-year-old granny with blond hair, huge tits and filthy-talking mouth, is ready to go out. She's wearing a tight, short dress that hugs those big jugs of hers. She sees herself in the mirror and likes what she sees. We do, too. Before she knows it, Sally has decided to stay in and enjoy the afternoon. She shows off her tits and pussy. She rides a dildo. She talks dirty, of course, because that's what Sally does. Sally, what's the wildest thing you've done off-camera? "When I was young, I fucked my boyfriend behind the couch while my dad was asleep on that couch." You've been DP'd at Have you ever had a DP in your personal life? "Yes. As you know, I'm a swinger, and my first was with my husband and some hunk I picked up at the club. I loved having his big cock in my ass!" Do you ever get recognized when you're out and about? "Yes, all the time at airports, the mall, the gym, the post office, neighbors, Wal-Mart and, most recently, I just moved and the landscaper recognized me." Have you ever had sex with a fan? "As a matter of fact, I did. A guy at a restaurant recognized me. We chit-chatted and he was cute, so I said okay, let's fuck, and holy fuck, did he have a huge cock. Biggest one I've ever seen on a white guy." How has being a porn star changed your life? "It hasn't. I've always been kinky, but now I get paid." What about you would surprise us? "I'm really a nun. Just kiddng. Honestly, I used to be very, very shy." What's your favorite thing about being a model? "I've always wanted to be in the spotlight. Now I am."
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Luna Azul wants to know if you've missed her. Of course you have! "I can't wait to feel your tongue on my pussy," this 62-year-old mother and grandmother says. "My pussy's screaming for you. Wanna see what you're missing?" Luna quickly takes down her top to show you her big tits. Then she lies back, spreads her legs and shows you her pierced, pink pussy. "It misses your cock," she says as she fingers it. She takes out a big dildo, rubs it against her clit then slides it deep inside her wet, tight pussy. How do we know it's tight? Well, she tells us it is, but all of the studs who have fucked her at 60PlusMILFs.coms have told us, too. "Fuck me, baby!" she says. "Make me your whore! I wanna be your whore!" She gets on all fours and fucks her pussy some more, making it gape, spreading her asshole, spanking her butt cheeks. She cums over and over. Luna might actually set a record for times cumming in one scene. Luna is from California. She started fucking in our studios when she was in her 50s. She's a swinger. Our favorite Luna story is about the time she spent two days getting her 60something pussy pounded by porn cocks in our studio then jumped into a rental car, drove up to Orlando, Florida and spent a couple of days fucking in swingers clubs. If that doesn't tell you how horny this divorcee is, nothing will.
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