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Beata doesn't waste any time getting to it in this scene. Right away, this 63-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother from the Czech Republic is going at it, licking the dude's nipples then turning around so he can kiss her neck and rub her pussy. Yes, neck-kissing! Isn't that so romantic? Well, kinda. Not really. The neck-kissing stops and the cock goes down Beata's throat. She's a horny little fuck toy, a skinny blonde who can take a lot of cock. She sucks and he fucks her mouth back. Then she licks and strokes his cock. She climbs on top and he fucks her pussy reverse-girl. Then Beata gets on all fours and gets fucked from behind. You can hear how wet her pussy is. Do her children and grandchildren know she's here? What would they say if they saw this? Are we sick fucks for even wondering that? No. Not at all. We're just curious. You'll say two things as you watch this scene: 1.) "Damn, Beata's pussy is so fucking wet!" 2.) "How come 20-year-old girls can't fuck like that?" Because they can't, that's why. They don't have the experience or the skills. And the fact is, most 20-year-old girls would be embarrassed by their pussy farts. Not Beata. The guy fucks Beata every which way, she enjoys it every which way, and then he cums on her old pussy. Nice.
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When this video opens, 64-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Seka Black is wearing a skirt that's so short, we can see the top of her stockings. She's telling us how horny she's been, and fortunately, she has a guy coming over. It's not her husband. "I want to fuck him so bad," she says. She tidies herself up, not that she needs any tidying up. Seka is blond and beautiful. Anyway, the guy shows up. "Is everything alright?" he asks. "I have a few things in the house that I need fixed. My husband's not home," she says. He enters the house, although hesitantly. Not surprisingly, the repairs that need to be done are in the master bedroom. Hmmm. "I don't see anything wrong in here, Mrs. Black," he says. "Honestly," she says, "there isn't anything wrong, but I've had the hots for you for a long time. I can't wait to get fucked by you!" And away we go! She unzips his pants and takes out his cock. It's as big as she expected. Even bigger. "I have got to suck your cock," Seka says, and then she proves she's not all talk and no action. But we already knew that, didn't we? This isn't Seka's first time at, and this is definitely not the first big, black cock she's sucked and fucked and taken up her ass. Yeah, that, too. And then the dude creampies her ass, so all's well that ends well, right? Right!
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When Cashmere did her first-ever fuck scenes for about a year and a half ago, she said, "It was suggested to me by a friend, and after some research and soul-searching, I decided to go for it and open myself up to a new experience." Cashmere, who's now 60, really opened herself up, especially to the pool boy, who fucked her old ass. Now this hot divorcee and mom is back, and she's had a very good 18 months. "I'm more likely to tell certain people about it, and they're excited about it, which makes me excited about it, and when I watch the films, it's a turn-on," said Cashmere, who's a swinger. She watched one of her scenes with a man and said, "It was extremely erotic for both of us." They fucked afterwards, of course. She also told us, "More men have opened up to me about prostate massage, and I've become good at it. I just know if I can get in there with some lube and find the perfect's almost like a G-spot for a man, and men really like that. I like to bring pleasure. And I'm definitely into guys who can find my G-spot, and squirting has become habitual." How habitual? Find out when you watch this scene.
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