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Featuring: Renee Kane
It's time to get to know Renee Kane. She's a beautiful, friendly, 60-year-old divorcee who never thought she'd ever fuck on-camera, but that's what she's doing today. First, though, she's going to tell us all about herself. She's going to tell you about her sexy occupation. She's going to tell you about her horny ex-husband, who's responsible for her being here. She's going to tell you about her swinging adventures. More about Renee: She's from Detroit, although she lived in Washington, D.C. for 32 years. She enjoys kayaking, swimming with her dogs, all kinds of water sports, yoga, Pilates and ballet. Her perfect day: Sleep in and have sex when we wake up, go on a long hike with my man and my dog to a beautiful outdoor restaurant along a river for lunch with wine, walk back home, clean up, take a nap, get pizza, watch TV and have more sex." Check her out, guys. You're gonna love her.
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Welcome to Renee Kane's hair salon. It's an at-home hair salon so she can give her customers extra-special attention. Especially her male customers. "You're gonna need a blow today," Renee tells 26-year-old Milan. "Oh, no, I don't do blow dry," he says. "I don't mean that kind of a blow," she says, and then she shows him what kind of blow she does mean. Before long, Renee is taking advantage of the proximity of her hair salon to her bedroom and is getting her pussy fucked. Her 60-year-old pussy, that is. And that's the scenario of Renee's first on-camera fuck, something she never thought would happen. "Six months ago, I wasn't in that mindset," she said. "I was doing different work. It wasn't part of my life. I don't watch porn. I'm not married, so I don't live with somebody whom I'm exposed to porn with. I didn't even give it a thought." But then Renee's ex-husband--her first of two ex-husbands--pointed her in our direction, and here she is! "This is his ultimate fantasy for me to be doing this," Renee said. "He keeps on calling me because he wants to hear all about it." Renee is from Detroit, Michigan. She lived in Washington, D.C. for 32 years, and now she's back in Detroit. Oh, and that "different work" Renee was doing? She really is a hairstylist. Has she ever fucked one of her customers? "No," she said. "My skirts are very short, but I never have my boobs hanging out. But I touch people a lot because I enjoy that. I know they like it, but I'm not rubbing on them. I'm just touching them. A lot of people don't get touched at home. Even women that come in, they don't want to get out of my chair because they don't get any attention at home. They don't get touched enough. It's a very sensual business. You really are caressing and touching people and comforting them. And I know the guys get really turned on. The guys come in every three weeks for a haircut when they're half bald." Can't say we blame them.
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Featuring: Cammille Austin
Today, 60-year-old Cammille Austin is going to show you how she gets wet in the shower without ever turning on the water. This mother, grandmother and wife--a woman who got gangbanged on her wedding night while her husband watched--starts by showing us her impressive body. She's wearing a one-piece lingerie bodysuit. "What do you think of my outfit?" Cammille asks. "Does it look good on my body? Do you like the way it fits my breasts? Do you like how it shows off my ass? And my legs? Want a little sneak peek of my breasts?" Actually, we want a lot more than that, and we get it. Cammille, who's blonde, busty and has a tight body, rubs and tugs on her pierced clit. Then she gets naked, sits on the edge of the bath, fingers her pussy and makes herself squirt. Then she squirts again, and again, and again. And that's how Cammille gets wet without ever turning on the water! Although, to be 100% accurate, it's the bathtub that gets wet from Cammille's squirt. Cammille was born in Missouri and lives in Arkansas. She's 5'4", 118 pounds and has DD-cup tits with a 24-inch waist. That's very impressive. "The most-fun job I've ever had?" Cammille said. "That's easy: shooting porn videos." Like we always say: It's not a job. It's an adventure. When we asked Cammille for details about how she likes to masturbate, she said, "In the shower, all soaped up with toys." Well, she didn't even turn the water on, and she still got off. What a woman!
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